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#RaptureShmapture – only jokes fill Twitter feed

With the “Rapture” a no-show this past weekend I’d share my thoughts and feelings about the missing dooms-day. Please, keep your giggles to yourself. I did not believe in the Rapture 100%, but I was concerned enough to watch the news and social media for the majority of the evening.

The world was going to end and I didn’t even graduate. The world was going to end and I was three weeks from graduating with a college degree – to be exact.


Armageddon was mere hours away and I hadn’t lived my life to the fullest! I hadn’t traveled to across the world, I hadn’t completed my bucket-list, I hadn’t technically moved out of my parents’ house.

Where were my loving friends and family while I anxiously waited for 6 p.m. on May 21st? Watching sports while my little sister prepared for prom. My boyfriend and I had driven back to Cincinnati earlier that day to see Erin off to her first prom before stopping at Miami, Oxford for the night.

So no one else cared about the coming Rapture. Actually, correction, they all laughed at my “nervous stomach” and continued on with their evening. My dad and boyfriend talked about the NBA play-offs and my mom put out prom fires (Erin had no clutch that matched her dress). The rest of my family lived their finals hours of their life without a second thought of the end of the world, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I watched the clock slowly move from 5 to 5:30 p.m., and finally my nerves forced my to turn to social media.

Twitter, as always, gave me immediate answers. People were already laughing at Preacher Harold Camping’s predictions and re-tweeting photos. The rapture, unlike other events, barely made a blimp on the Twitter feed.

Then is was 6 p.m….and nothing happened.

And nothing happened at 6:10, or 6:20 or 7 p.m.

Erin went to prom, my family went to dinner and we headed to Miami.

I worried for nothing.

I saw only a few serious posts about the lacking dooms-day but numerous ones laughing of the silliness of even believing such a thing. My embarrassment almost (key word almost) stopped my from talking about my slight concern.

The lesson I learned? Not only should I take the advice of my parents and my 17-year-old sister and simply NOT worry about things, but I learned no matter the situation, Twitter will make light of an event somehow.They only think one can do is live in the moment…and re-tweet funny pictures.

Thanks for reading! So glad the Rapture passed and I am once again excited and focused on my graduation 🙂


Overworked and under pressure

I saw the post Generation Overworked by my classmate Chelsea Castle and was drawn to the title. In my Consumer Science 340 class we discuss the three generations presently in the workforce and the stereotypes that go along with each.

  • Baby boomers – raised in the years after WWII and currently in their peak earning years
  • Generation X – responsible for Google, YouTube and Amazon
  • Generation Y – multi-taskers, text-ers and extremely comfortable with technology

The GenY describes my generation. The dependency on phones, constant need to feel attached or connected, the boom of social media and the pressure to succeed. And to tell you the truth I fit the exact mold of a GenYer. Much to the dismay of my parents, I feel no shame checking my phone during a conversation or answering a text while talking. I don’t think it’s rude to answer an email during class and I don’t remember a time I didn’t have access to a computer.

So we seem lazy. Google gives my generation and I answers within milliseconds and we were all awarded prizes even though we lost. But what if we dig a little deeper into my generation, and more specifically, into the life of a college student.

Going back to my noisy world post, there is no rest for the weary. To succeed you need to be on point – constantly. There is always, always someone else applying for the same job with a better resume, a better internship experience and a better connection. How does my generation handle this pressure?

We force ourselves to become the best.

I have two internships this quarter at the Arthritis Foundation and OhioHealth, classes to attend, grades to achieve, connections to make and the last quarter of my senior year to enjoy. I push myself everyday, with or without a reasonable amount of sleep, to reach the next level. I make sure to take part in Twitter chats and reach out to professionals as often as possible.

And you want to know something crazy? I love the pressure. I honestly feel like I thrive under the idea of competition and love breaking down my own limitations. Only thing that scares me reaching a plateau and not advancing in my college, professional or personal career. But I don’t think with a Starbucks in my hand I’ll ever stop.

Disney Princess grows up

Continuing with my earlier post about wanting to work at Disney, I thought I would discuss my “college stress” this post. To me, it feels like every day I learn something I could be doing better – either networking, polishing my résumé or updating my portfolio. To quote Sarah, or TheNakedRedHead,”the world just seems noisy.” Which it is…I understand that…but does it ever stop? I almost feel like as a soon-to-be-graduate I am already falling behind and not able to keep up.

And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a whiny post at all, just a senior’s ramblings about a hectic schedule. I feel that I could always be reading another blog or article, posting a thought-provoking tweet or networking with another great professional; but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. With classes and clubs, not to mention simply having a social life, I am constantly making a to-do list and sloooowwwllly crossing things off.

However, after a wonderful talk with Sarah, I realized things can go on the back-burner. I am not going to die if I don’t tweet for five hours, and some blogs can be read once a week, maybe even one every two weeks. Priorities need to be assembled and it’s OK to wonder if you are going about things the right way.

So I made a list. That’s right, I sat down and I organized my noisy brain. After enjoying the last weeks of my life as a college student at OSU and making sure I finish my quarter strong (thanks OvalBeach for that distraction), Disney feel into third place. Behind Twitter and reading blogs everyday, just the word Disney.

That’s my life lesson of the week — working for Disney isn’t a maybe dream, IT’S MY DREAM. So that’s the new focus of this, now more mature, Disney Princess. I want to strengthening a connection with someone at Disney and work on my PR skills while I wait for August and the big move to Florida. If I have free time, that’s when I click to a blog and read…no pressure, no noise.

Best advice from Sarah while we sat outside and enjoyed Starbucks on a warm Saturday morning? Thank God for the delete key 🙂

I’m a Disney Princess

When I had coffee with Nate Riggs two weeks ago he asked my why I had Disney Princess in my Twitter profile. GREAT QUESTION, one that I could answer happily for hours. But, while I thought about how to answer this question and not start with “Because I love Cinderella”, he asked me why I wanted to work for Disney. EVEN BETTER QUESTION. I hope to answer these two questions in my next few blog posts and share while I am a Disney Princess – and why I am ready to head down to Disney and hopefully find my place in their PR/communication world.

I was truly blessed growing up – mom, dad, sister and a dog. My family took us on vacations every year and I have been to Disney about five times. And let me make one thing clear, when my sister and I go to Disney we don’t mess around. We have a full-proof system that is guaranteed to maximize any Disney vacation. Getting fast-passes needs to be synchronized with getting character autographs…it’s a day full of planning!

My parents need a vacation after our  Disney vacations we pack our days so full. But, when there are 1000 things to see, 1000 rides to ride, Donald Duck is only signing autographs for one hour and magic is all around you — planning is everything.

When I entered Ohio State my freshman year I was exposed to a lot of diversity; and I met other students who did not have the same family dynamic that I had growing up. The more background stories I heard, the more I realized the things I took for granted growing up. Family dinners and vacations are things that I now cherish.

I want to work at Disney and help spread that same magic I experienced throughout my childhood. When I see fireworks over the castle at Magic Kingdom…I get goosebumps. These are the memories I want other children, students, teenagers and adults to feel when they enter the park.

Stay tuned for more information about this Disney Princess before she heads to Florida.


Columbus variety

This weekend I saw a ballet, volunteered at a marathon and saw a concert. It’s these jam-packed two days that make me love Columbus, Ohio.

My adventure-weekend started Friday with the performance of 7 Deadly Sins by BalletMet and Shadowbox Live. I grew up seeing musicals and plays with my family, but never a ballet. Incredible. The pure talent and strength I observed was astounding. While I only have my ballet/tap lessons I received in 4th grade to grade this performance on a technical level; I can say, without a doubt, it surpassed all my expectations on the entertainment level.

Other members of my group on my ballet journey were with my boyfriend, roommate and her boyfriend. While the boys were cautiously optimistic about seeing a ballet, both my roommate and I couldn’t wait to try something new. This specific performance incorporated both dance with live rock-in-roll. Each of the 7 deadly sins (pride, sloth, greed, wrath, lust, envy and gluttony) were highlighted for about five minutes and then Shadowbox live would perform a song/skit in-between. The show moved at a nice pace and each sin had its own voice. Overall, a great contemporary ballet. I’m already looking into buying tickets for next season!

After feeling a little more cultured after Friday night, my next to-do for my weekend adventure was volunteering at the Capital City Half Marathon. I am a member of the OSU Hunt Seat Equestrian Team and we volunteer at events throughout the year and this was my first time helping at a water spot.


The range of people I saw Saturday morning was astounding – not to mention the pure athleticism. Those we pushed themselves through the 13.1 miles were insane, and I now want to be one of them. I think knowing your training paid-off and you can complete 13 miles in under three hours is a major boost to self-pride. I found a half-marathon at Disney in January 2012, one day after I complete the college program. Hopefully I can live my dream and work at Disney forever and join the runners next January.

The last big event for my weekend was the Tim McGraw concert. Good Lord, I love my country men. Tim (we are on a first name basis now), Luke Bryan and The Band Perry sang to a swooning crowd for over four hours. Tim and Luke, respectively sporting a cowboy hat and ball cap, seemed to light the stage on fire with their talent. The Band Perry, somewhat new to the country scene, seemed much more comfortable during the opening act. I have seen the sibling trio on award shows, and cannot shake the idea they seem lost and almost glazed-over. I was pleasantly surprised.

However, the act that couldn’t be topped was Tim McGraw. He knew how to move around the stage, interact with screaming fans and a filled arena. Classy and handsome.

When I started brainstorming ideas for this blog the advice to talk about meaning events kept popping up. The conclusion? This post. After this weekend I can name another 1,000 I love about Columbus and the people who make it great. How can you be bored in this city?


current events divide, and unify, the Buckeyes

The death of Bid Laden this past Sunday rocked Ohio State’s campus, and my own personal world. The discussions of what happens next, the proper feelings you should experience, and if we are safer than before are debated in our campus newspapers, online and in class. To me, it seems like that the world is at a very interesting crossroads, and our thoughts should be about the future.

I learned about the death of Bin Laden through traditional media, but actually heard the president would address the United States through Twitter. After some quick research (thanks internet) I learned the address did not involve Libya, but was still about national defense.


My stomach was in knots and focusing on studying for m 8:30 a.m. midterm seemed almost laughable. I couldn’t help by worry this address would bring bad news and  gloom to a rainy Sunday. Soon the tickers on FOX, CNN and MSNBC broke the news about Bid Laden, and President Obama confirmed it around 11:40 p.m. Before the president concluded his speech and walked back down the hall campus became alive. My neighbors shot of fireworks and other jubilant students went down to Mirror Lake to celebrate the death of this terrorist. I heard stories of people drinking till 4 a.m., but I was content to watch the news, cheer with my roomies and think about all the military men and women who continue to fight for our freedom.

Now the internal conflicts begin. Are we happy? Sad? Happy and sad? Respectfully happy but remember that a human being was killed? More concerned about the future of the United States and the safety of Americans in the coming months? Sad because the war is not over? I know some of our brave men fighting overseas personally, one especially is very close to my heart and will continue to be so for my entire life, and I can’t help but think of them first. They are the ones fighting and dedicating their lives for our freedom…what do they think?

I don’t want to feel joy over the death of another person, but I am struggling to feel sad. I think there is a correct mixture of emotions for this situation, and I am slowly reaching the point. Currently, I am happy a monster who terrorized the world is no longer a threat. But,  I know threats still remain and revenge will never produce a happy winner.

I feel that I grew up only knowing a world fighting terror; I don’t really remember flying without hearing a threat level, I don’t remember a time when we weren’t at war and I don’t ever remember a time when there was simply world peace. While that may never EVER occur during my lifetime or the life or my future generations, it is what I wish for the world. It seems so often we immediately reach for anger or hate when encountering another religion or personal difference, and that is what makes me sad. For all the good in the world and the incredible differences between countries that should allow us to grow and educate ourselves, we still cannot be accepting.

Now, I think that is a scary thing.

I hope in my lifetime I can help add some happiness to this world, or at least help others see how much joy there is already.


$4.15 for gas isn’t so bad

This morning I helped with the Arthritis Walk at the Westerville Sports Complex. I am the special events intern for the AF, and this was my first “official” event that I really helped plan.

What an incredible experience – talk about the small and mighty putting on an event. And I heard this is modest compared to the Jingle Bell Run, Auto Show and Wine & Dine.

The group at the AF is relatively small, and everyone knows what it’s like to haul equipment and needed items up from the basement. My first week on the job I was running up stairs to bring up tables. The employees are all extremely friendly and all willing to give advice to a new intern.

However, the impact and emotions this small team created (and yes, it is part of the larger foundation), along with members of the board was extremely powerful on this dreary and cold May day. Listening to Dana Lautzenhiser, retired from his career as a firefighter due to rheumatoid arthritis, and Allison Vititoe, a soon-to-be-high schooler with RA, makes me think twice about complaining about gas prices. Seems a little silly to complain about what I have when the two people in front of me deal with daily pain and the complications it brings to family and friends.

I helped coordinate the volunteers for the 5K/1 mile walk and helped with the execution of the event (perk about being a special events intern? You learn to think on your feet). I was so proud to be part of an event that involved so many people, but also an event that raised so much for a great cause. The Arthritis Walk – Central Ohio chapter raised over $56,000…money that will go to helping individuals with arthritis and finding a cure for this painful and crippling disease.

After today, seems like $4.15 for gas isn’t worth all the complaining.