I’m a Disney Princess

When I had coffee with Nate Riggs two weeks ago he asked my why I had Disney Princess in my Twitter profile. GREAT QUESTION, one that I could answer happily for hours. But, while I thought about how to answer this question and not start with “Because I love Cinderella”, he asked me why I wanted to work for Disney. EVEN BETTER QUESTION. I hope to answer these two questions in my next few blog posts and share while I am a Disney Princess – and why I am ready to head down to Disney and hopefully find my place in their PR/communication world.

I was truly blessed growing up – mom, dad, sister and a dog. My family took us on vacations every year and I have been to Disney about five times. And let me make one thing clear, when my sister and I go to Disney we don’t mess around. We have a full-proof system that is guaranteed to maximize any Disney vacation. Getting fast-passes needs to be synchronized with getting character autographs…it’s a day full of planning!

My parents need a vacation after our  Disney vacations we pack our days so full. But, when there are 1000 things to see, 1000 rides to ride, Donald Duck is only signing autographs for one hour and magic is all around you — planning is everything.

When I entered Ohio State my freshman year I was exposed to a lot of diversity; and I met other students who did not have the same family dynamic that I had growing up. The more background stories I heard, the more I realized the things I took for granted growing up. Family dinners and vacations are things that I now cherish.

I want to work at Disney and help spread that same magic I experienced throughout my childhood. When I see fireworks over the castle at Magic Kingdom…I get goosebumps. These are the memories I want other children, students, teenagers and adults to feel when they enter the park.

Stay tuned for more information about this Disney Princess before she heads to Florida.



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