courage from the strangest places

This past Wednesday I worked my last shift as a lifeguard. An era of my life ended (I don’t know if society thinks 22-year-old should already be

referencing eras in life…but let’s just go with it). I worked at that private pool for about six years, and cannot tell you the amount of good, bad and scary times I experienced.

I have saved lives, introduced kids to water, cheered on my swimmers during swim meets and grown into a young adult – and this pool has seen it all. And, even better, I have found some fantastic co-workers and other families to call my own.When you babysit/guard/correct children’s behavior all day, you’re going to have your main ones.

last shift!

Amanda, now a beautiful 13-year-old, is without a doubt one of my favorites. She and I immediately bonded my first year at the pool. As my second little sister, we have regular trips to the mall (shopping at Justice and Limited T00) and the best ice-cream store, Flubbs. Amanda has two older brothers and needed an older sister – and I was lucky enough to pick-up another little one. Besides, who doesn’t love more siblings?

The day’s cooler temperatures virtually left the pool empty, so Amanda and I were able to focus on our crucial Freecell games. The more we played, the more I began talking to her like I would talk to a friend my age.

I told her about my nervousness of packing and moving to Florida.

I told her about my nervousness of meeting my roommates.

I told about my nervousness of working at Disney, seeing an opportunity that could lead to a professional career, but not achieving my goal.

After my deep ramblings about my life and future – I received the best advice. All from an amazing teenager.

“Just do your best. If you mess up smile and say sorry, then do better.”Β 

Perfect πŸ™‚

I check into Disney in less that one week, and while I still may be figuring out how many clothes to bring, I’m finished worrying about the rest. I am going to smile through this adventure and take part of every opportunity. I know my short-term and long-term goals, only thing I can give now is my best.

Want to know the best part? When I asked Amanda how she got to be so smart and give such smart advice, she answered that’s what I told her right before swimming championships. What great sisterly advice.

2 thoughts on “courage from the strangest places

    • Thank you for your comment – I’m so glad you enjoyed my recent post! I check-in into Disney Wednesday, SO EXCITED πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for stories about my Disney adventures!

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