The magic begins…

It starts.

I’M OFFICIALLY a cast member of Walt Disney World! I am one of the newest workers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios working in Lights, Motor, Action! I will know my exact duties soon.

In a whirl-wind of eight hours I check-in, signed-in, moved-in and meet my fantastic five suite-mates. I am living in a three bedroom suite at Patterson Court. The other two options were Catham Square and Vista Way – each ranging from one to three bedrooms (each bedroom has two people).

The scariest thing about this entire adventure is the newness (Is that a word? For this post, we can all pretend it’s a word).

I haven’t experienced so much newness since, well, ever. When I moved from Cincinnati to Columbus there was still some similarities. Same state, same weather, same security knowing my family is two hours away.

Now there are lizards, tons of sun, random rain showers, new bus routes to learn, new people to meet and NETWORK with and… me. I have never felt more free, or more nervous. However, I feel this is what I need to feel at my ripe old age of twenty-two.

EVERY SINGLE COLLEGE STUDENT should apply for this internship. I am learning how to live truly on my own, and I am experiencing the internal workings of an incredible company. I want to spread my magic in a place that is full of magic – how could life get any better?

Stay tuned for more information about how I will Earn my ears and slowly become a full-fledged cast-member at WDW. And who knows? You may even gather your own pixie dust about Hollywood Studios and WDW as a whole.


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