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Disney Princess update

Merry (almost) Christmas and Happy Holidays!

While preparing for the busy Christmas and New Years week here at Disney, a few people asked what my plans after my Disney College Program. A quick update on this Disney Princess –

I extended my College Program and will continue to work in the Backlands at DHS. I am so excited to spend the Christmas season in Orlando with sunshine, great friends, parks and resorts with wonderful decorations and my new Disney family. The way Disney weaves the distinct history and traditions of cultures from around the is phenomenal. Look for a post about Disney during the holidays coming soon!

After my College Program I will be returning to Columbus and beginning the new chapter of my post-graduate life back in Ohio. I love working for Disney and the mouse, but I want to make sure I continue to focus on my career passion and goals. Event planning, PR and communications.

My first College Program allowed me to grow both professionally and personally, and I know my extension will continue that tradition. I’ve learned how to interact with guests, remain strong yet polite, multi-task while interacting with thousands of guests, trust my other Cast Members and make magic. I cannot wait to see what happens in the coming months as the weather turns a little cooler and I enter into Florida’s “winter”.

Nevertheless, I cannot wait for my return to Ohio as a post-graduate. I am a buckeye, and Columbus will always be my home. 2012 will bring mang changes, but I know I am ready for anything.

I hope you stay tuned as this Disney Princess continues to make her mark on the world and embrace every new adventure.

Disney magic overcomes cancer

Stay strong Sean.

Three words – one simple message to a brave 10-year old boy battling cancer.

Stay strong Sean, because everyone here at Walt Disney World wants to see you.

Please take a minute and check out this video my fellow Cast Member Andrew made for his younger cousin Sean who is currently receiving cancer treatments. How do you tell a little boy he has the entire Walt Disney World standing beside him during this tough battle? Easy, you show him. Take a look…

It makes me so proud to not only personally know Andrew, but to work for WDW. Every day I go to work at a place that encourages magic and happiness for people of all ages. The characters in this video need no introduction – Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the princesses, Winnie-the-Pooh  and all the other Disney characters are know instantly.

Perfect example of true Disney  magic and why I love this company. The characters and Cast Members you see in the video are real and have one message to share to Sean – STAY STRONG.

This video brought me to tears (not exactly the beautiful, classy tears either because I watched the video for the first time on Andrew’s phone in our break room), but tears because the world isn’t fair. How is okay that a little boy sits in his hospital bed fighting both against the side effects of chemo and for his life? How is it okay that while the world has made tremendous scientific leaps in the past year, the biggest battle this boy will ever face, like so many in today’s world, is in his own body?

It’s not fair.

But at Walt Disney World, it doesn’t matter. There is no room for doubt or sadness, only the belief that everything will be alright, and in the end Sean will be able to come back and say hello to all the princesses and Mickey himself. That right there is real magic.

Cast Members from the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios to Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom now know Sean’s story. Four people and a piece of paper are making an impact and making sure Sean knows that he is not alone in this struggle.

When I see some guests come into the Disney parks and smirk at the mention of magic and hope I can only shake my head. Because, in all honesty, what would the world be today without faith, trust and pixie dust? How do you look at the video and not believe you are witnessing real magic? Disney magic is real – and it will help Sean beat his cancer.

I hope that you watch this video and say a prayer for Sean – because he will overcome this obstacle and we will see him at Disney in the future.