continue the respect

In my last post I talked about respect individuals should show to those in the service industry. Theme parks, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops – ANYTHING – those you interact with should always be shown common courtesy.

Not really a hard concept in my opinion; say please and thank you.

However, respect also needs to be present when dealing with family members. That’s right…respect should be extended towards both strangers and family. Children to parents, adults to children, adults to the elderly, courtesy should flow across all ages.

Let me elaborate. One of the perks of my job is my ability to interact with thousands of guests daily. I am able to talk with couples and families from across the country and the world and hear their stories. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the cutest families and hearing the most incredible stories from guests about their travels and Disney adventures.

I’ve seen the good, I’ve seen the bad, and I’ve seen the down-right UGLY.

I’ve seen children talk back to their parents and throw a temper tantrum when they didn’t get a dessert with lunch or get to see Buzz and Woody before they left the park. I’ve seen moms and dads scream at one another when plans fell apart and when aching feet became too much to ignore. It’s disrespectful.

I completely understand that children are going to sometimes have attitudes when talking with mom/dad/sibling (trust me, ask my mother. I know I gave enough sass growing up, and even now, to last a lifetime). But there is a fine line between sass and disrespect.

What really makes me sad is when I see families talk disrespectful to everyone. I see one parents actually call one another names and lose their patience in front of their children, and I have to wonder what example that sets for their children.

Arguments happen and people fight, but family need to show one another respect. People shouldn’t yell and call one another names – for any reason.

So try some patience…and some respect. It’s a tall order for anyone (dealing with family members or strangers) but in the end the results are much better.


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