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the madness of March

With my buckeyes making it to the Final Four of the 2012 NCAA Tournament, it seemed only fitting to blog about March Madness.

But this isn’t your typical basketball blog – if you’re looking for stats, predictions or a review of the games, you’ll want to check somewhere else. No my friends, this is about appropriate behavior in regards to college sports. To clarify even farther, if you are a sports fan, college or professional, there is an unspoken code of contact that should be followed. These rules apply to bars, restaurants, social media and every day life.

Bottom line? I don’t care who’s playing or what team you’re rooting for – there is no need to act like a buffoon when your bracket takes a turn for the worse.

That’s right. I said it. Don’t be a  buffoon.

I grew up watching sports and went to a university that rallies behind its athletes BUT if I am with friends going to watch a NCAA game at a sports bar I don’t think people should cross the line that separates a fan..and an an annoyance.

This past weekend Ohio State (#2) played Syracuse (#1) with the Buckeyes winning 77-70 over the Orange. I went to a sports bar with some friends to watch the game and was extremely surprised how rude fans were to each other. Not even to those on the other team, but to other Ohio State fans. People were yelling at others to stop cheering for other games and throwing things at the television.

Now, I’ll chant just as loudly for my team as the next fan, but there needs to be a line between cheering and simply being trashy.

In the end, no matter what you throw at the TV screen the officials cannot hear you and you will not influence their calls…and you’re ruining the game for everyone else.

So stop, and let everyone around you enjoy the game. Want to even go a step farther into maturity? Don’t post insane comments on your Facebook that are full of obscenities talking about how much you hate the other team.

I’ll say this over and over AND OVER  — when you act inappropriately in public or on social media it will come back to haunt you. Unfortunately in today’s world once a photo is posted on-line the damage is done. And that damage could be the thing that cost you a job or internship.

Just words of advice from a college-grad who saw some behavior this weekend that should never appear on Facebook. Be respectful and act like an adult when out in public, and always keep an eye on how you are portrayed on social media.


oh, the places you’ll go

This past Sunday at 2 p.m. the 2012 OSU Winter Commencement officially started and one of my best friends received her diploma, shook President Gee’s hand and joined me as a proud buckeye alumni.

OSU grads

So weird.

I watched my friends and former classmates graduate and couldn’t help but think of my graduation last spring. While the overall message remained the same, President Gee tried extremely hard to make this speech different than previous graduations. But the core message remained the same – Ohio State gave us the fuel and acted as a launching pad for our future, and now it’s time to fly.

Cheesy cheesy cheesy.

But true. It’s been about eight months since I graduated college, and it was nice to go back and REALLY listen to graduation. I’ll be the first to admit, last June I was waving to my family, smiling for pictures, finding friends in the sea of black gowns, chatting about senior bar craw and figuring out plans for the evening …. I wasn’t exactly paying FULL attention to the speakers (and it was about 90 degrees in the Horseshoe and I was dying for a Diet Coke and a hot-dog). So listening to the message again was beneficial.

Hearing President Gee tell the new graduates that life doesn’t end after college but simply begins a new chapter of life is refreshing, and what I needed to hear. Honestly, I think these next four years are going to be the scariest/best/most developing years of my life. It still feels weird to get out of bed and head downtown to work and not across the Oval to class. It feels weird to have the world at my feet. It feels weird to know that the choices I make during this year could impact the rest of my life.

Moving from cheesy cheesy cheesy to dramatic dramatic dramatic. Wonderful.

But it’s true – how I continue to expand my network and strengthen my skills now do nothing but lay down the path for my future. It’s just slightly scary to have some cool internship and Disney experience, my degree, my big bright personality and passion with me and face the world.

As a college-grad living in today’s world it seems like we have a ton of un-spoken rules to follow. Know social media, mind your manners, make a difference in today’s world, support the right causes and make sure you can handle your iPhone, emails, twitter and Facebook presence all at once (I’m still rocking the dumb phone so one thing I don’t have to worry about – and yes mom, I am the only person without an iPhone.)

So now what? What is the next step in this wonderful path I call my life?

I found a company that I believe in and am ready to mold myself into a professional – and make sure I remember my values and what is important to me. One of my new goals is to read a professional book every month (sort of like a self-help book — stay tuned for my review of my March read during my next blog post!), and the one I am currently reading really focuses on writing down goals. See your goals, strive for your goals, reach your goals…not a bad concept.

Now is the time to really think about my goals…both short and long-term. Thanks for reading!

You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.

I’m a big believer of bucket lists – everyone should have a list of things they want to accomplish before they “kick the bucket”. On this list there should be goals ranging from visiting a quaint café in Paris, taking a family vacation to Hawaii, swimming with dolphins to climbing a mountain.

And, maybe a few that don’t need thousands of dollars in travel fees. So I signed up for the Capital City Half Marathon on May 5th.

13.1 miles – bring it on!

Now, to understand why this is on my  bucket list and why I am DETERMINED to become a person who loves running you need to know the back story. Me and running? Not exactly best friends. More like frenemies. I run and my lungs explode, sweat fills my eyes, my legs cramp and I slowly lose energy and drop to the sidewalk.

Not really of course, but that’s how it used to feel. But I loved the way I felt after a run. I felt stronger and more energized, so I promised myself I would try very hard to become someone who enjoyed running. Instead of hopping on the elliptical or the bike – I’ve tried to run a mile. Not a large goal, but a personal goal. Then slowly after a few weeks of a mile, it became two, then three, then four … and it’s still right around four miles but I’m working on that.

I have 53 days before the 1/2 Marathon and my goal is to finish the race in under 3 hours. Nothing too crazy – just a personal goal.

I want to encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and make a bucket list … but include things that can be crossed off within a few months. Bucket lists can include taking a new exercise class like yoga, pilates, spinning or kickboxing. Exercising is great for the mind, body and soul; and it’s always fun to take a risk.

I’ll keep you updates about my training and the race! While I don’t ever see myself being the first one to finish a 1/2 or full marathon, I see myself slowing falling in love with a sport that makes me feel strong and helps keep me toned and in shape.

Let me know if you are running in the Cap City 1/2 Marathon!

Hope I see you there,

a chapter ends: packing the magic and moving to Ohio

17 hours. Just shy of 20 hours is what it took for me and my boyfriend to make the drive from Orlando to Ohio. Through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky, I felt like I forgot a small piece of my heart in Florida.

As I look back on my Disney College Experience I can’t begin to count the memories of happiness, laughter, finding new friends who became my family and personal strength I never knew. I learned how to handle difficult guest situations – and I learned that this Disney Princess is a little tougher than she looks.

  • 80 hour work week? check
  • Angry parents and screaming children? check
  • Multi-tasking to the extreme while handling 5,000 guests and their issues with a smile? Check
  • Parking 300 strollers? Check

my goodbye dinner - great looking Disney family

So the time came for me to return to Ohio for another incredible job opportunity (stay tuned about that!) and I packed my clothes and pretty much all my worldly possessions in the my trusty civic, cried while saying goodbyes and began the journey up 75 North.

I can’t really say I look different – perhaps a little tanner and toned due running, but pretty much the same. I can’t say I act different – still singing country tunes in the car (sorry boyfriend) and stopping at Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up.

But I  feel different. Not to sound Disney “corny”, but I feel like some of the magic buzzing around Disney World made the trip to Ohio with me.

Go ahead and laugh. Just laugh and get it over with. Tell me that magic doesn’t exists and I am waaayy to old to be pretending that a mouse and a castle have anything to do with magic. Ok…finished?

But … I feel the magic with me. Not the magic the includes pulling bunnies out of hats – but the type of magic the includes families and memories. The magic I experienced in Disney allowed me to see that families come in all different shapes and sizes…and happy people create more happiness. Respect goes a long way and fireworks are a great way to end your day. You can find friends while waiting in line and people love to tell stories about their own journeys. THAT magic.

And now I am in Ohio: ready to move back to Columbus and begin my next adventure. I’m nervous about my this change but can’t wait to share what I learn and see how I grow. It was time for me to close my Disney chapter of my life and look towards the future. One part ended – but another path is right in front of me.

Watch out Columbus – I’m back. I’m ready to rock it out at my new job and put my roots down in good ol’ Buckeye Nation. But want to know something even better? I have a little Disney magic with me.