You, your image & your brand

(part 1 of 3)

Disney Princess to … Jessi. Still a princess full of sparkles and positivity, but walking away from the Disney umbrella and establishing my brand. I’m waving goodbye to the mouse, goodbye to the castle and goodbye to the princesses. It’s a big step – but it’s time to figure out who I am – just me.

Many people have asked why I started my blog as (which it was stay until June when I can change my domain!) and a few months ago it seemed like common sense. I simply was a Disney Princess. Don’t believe me? Name a Disney movie and I’ve seen it. I am a huge supporter of what Disney stands for and their basic foundation. The Walt Disney Company continues to stand on the foundation that Walt Disney himself built – remember and put the 4 Keys and The Basics into action every day.

But that’s not me…that’s the magical world in Florida.

Now it’s time as I start my journey as young professional to figure out my brand. What values do I stand behind and what do I want people to think of when they hear Jessica Reynolds?

It is critical to remember that a brand is not a picture – that’s a logo. It’s not a witty or funny saying – that would be a slogan or a motto. A brand goes deeper and holds more substance. A brand is EVERYTHING about a person or product…the personality and the perception. (look at companies like Starbucks, Target & Starbucks)

But enough of a PR 101 review … let’s move back to the fun part … let’s create my new brand.


Not an easy task. After my years at Ohio State University learning about PR, I really don’t believe you create a brand – you already are one. It’s simply the matter of focusing and sharpening the details.

I want Jessica Reynolds to be vibrant and a little sassy (a favorite word of mine and one that I think fits me perfectly). You should think of a college-grad that  loves her buckeyes, shoes, sparkles and the color pink. I’m always up for an adventure and can’t wait to travel across Europe. I’ll stand up for anyone and am not afraid to speak my mind. I’m a firecracker who loves to laugh. BUT I also want to work for a company which aligns to my personal views, I want to make a difference in the world and I want to have a career I love.

Things that are important to me is my faith, my family, my friends and my happiness. I couldn’t live without the strength around me and all the encouragement and love I experience every day.

sisters ❤

My beautiful little sister and parents play a huge role in my life, and I want their support to be acknowledged in my brand.

Not sure about that last one? I believe when a person is happy – just simply happy with the world – they put off the most beautiful energy. How can you not want to be around someone that is smiling and positive? I don’t think you need to cross the line and be fake or cheesy … but I do believe that happiness is a mindset.

When you are happy and kind towards others, it always comes back around.

So the brand morphing begins! Stay tuned for my next post and I discuss some changes I’ve made, both in social media and beyond, that reflects my brand changing and becoming just JESSI 🙂


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