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A student again

We made it.

More specifically, the MBA Class of 2014 made it through pre-term and the first three days of classes – and what a journey we’ve had so far.

It was slightly overwhelming walking into the Blackwell on the first day of pre-term and having no clue what to expect. It’s like Lars said in his post, I felt like I was in kindergarten again. I was hoping I would make new friends, hoping I would like my classes and my professors, and possibly the silliest thing, I was hoping I was wearing the right outfit! Not to worry, within minutes I was talking to other students and feeling much more at ease. The best part of pre-term? You figure out that you’re not alone – everyone is worried about accounting and a little nervous.

So now classes are in full swing, and I’ll be the first to tell you, professors expect you to be on your game. The reading starts before classes even begin and you hit the ground running. Before I could blink I had reading to finish, my GA position is about to start and I am trying to figure out how to join all these great clubs! And guess what? A career fair is less that two weeks away.

It’s slightly overwhelming.

But I know that I am not alone. I had coffee with a second year MBA and know that what I am going through is normal, and that things get easier. Our entire class is extremely supportive of one another, and Fisher has incredible resources at our disposal.
Stay tuned for more adventures during my first year at Fisher!


First day of school – less than 24 hours

“I believe that the most important single thing,
beyond discipline and creativity,
is daring to dare.”

― Maya Angelou

Tomorrow I embark on a new journey – BUSINESS SCHOOL. I know I will meet incredible people, learn more than I thought possible, have stressful nights, make great friends, push my mind to the limit and grow both as a student and a professional.

Let’s do this.

A new adventure – MBA

I cannot believe it has been almost two weeks since I last blogged – but I have a good reason…

I am officially going  back to school! That’s right everyone, you are looking at (I guess I should say reading) an MBA student’s blog.

I have never been happier as I type those words.

Today marked the last day of my pre-term program and classes start next Wednesday. While I am feeling slightly overwhelmed and have a ton of information to digest, I am so excited to  be going back to school and focusing on my career and my future.

So far, every single person whom I’ve met has an incredible, and interesting, story.  Some are like me and recent grads, some students have a few years of working under their belts and some have lots of experience and stories to share.

And I am ready to listen and learn (and talk – because, really, it’s me –  I am not one to have a problem talking to others!). I cannot wait to start classes, start looking for internships, work at the Wexner Medical Center as a GA and meet new people. In my Core Group I have two international students and two from other states; we all bring some diversity to our team. I can tell that we are ready to make a splash and work hard to impress our fellow students and professors.

I have chatted with professors, deans and faculty, and I know that I am swinging with some major players. Welcome to the big leagues.

I have some big expectations, from myself, my school and my amazing family/friends supporting me… and I am ready to make a name for myself.

Classes start next week…stay tuned for stories about my new adventures!

Baby Sister, Little Sister, Sister

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, Erin!

19 years ago I was blessed with a baby sister – and even though I asked my parents for a toy that was more “fun” when she was only weeks old, I’m glad they decided to keep her around. I couldn’t be more proud of this gorgeous girl!

Through fights, tears, laughs, smiles, talks, secrets and more, she has grown from my  little shadow to an adult. I remember complaining that she was always tagging along, and now we have to coordinate our busy schedules to plan a 15 minute phone conversation.

I no longer feel like I have a right to call her my baby sister, but simply my sister. Next month she joins me in Columbus as a buckeye freshman – and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter of her life.