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End of Autumn Semester

One review session, two exams and one take-home final stands between me and break.

So. Close.

When I look back on the first semester of the Fisher MBA Program, and I can’t even begin to list all the memories. Ranging from classes, hysterical lectures (really, wait till you hear Professor Campbell tell you about pirates), Fisher Follies, drinks at the Varsity Club after finals, tailgating, EOTW (Events of the Week),  study groups, a perfect football season and so much more.

There have been tears, there have been laughs, and there have been hundreds of cups of coffee.

I know that days into the holiday break I’ll be missing everyone at school, but I am excited to sleep-in and watch a few movies. But in all honesty, this break will be a great time to throw myself into my 3rd full-time job: finding an internship.

I know numerous companies will be posting internships and coming to campus in January, and I want to be ready. I have had some great mentors show me how they researched companies, and I know I am up for the challenge. Even better, a few weeks without class will allow me to research more companies and follow-up on networking emails.

No one ever said business school was easy – good thing I love a challenge 🙂

The break will give me a chance to rest, recharge, start researching companies and see my family and friends back at home. I know that next semester with Strategy, Finance II, Marketing II and Operations II will be here before I can blink…so let’s get my last three finals out of the way!

Happy Holidays!

Advisor and advising

“Hi Jess, come on in. What can I help you with?”

You wouldn’t think these simple words would be so meaningful – but coming from an advisor, they’re a beautiful thing to hear.

Scheduling at Ohio State is an undertaking – after four years at OSU as an undergrad, I am well-aware of the pressure of scheduling. Funny thing, that doesn’t seem to be present at Fisher.

My window to schedule opens later this month and I plan on a marketing track with a focus in brand management. However, should I combine that with strategy? I also want to learn as much as possible about operations…and we can’t forget about the importance of data analysis.

OK, starting to feel a little bit stressed again.

Best way to handle the stress feeling? Go talk to an advisor. Best part about Fisher? The advisors know your name, know how to help and know the incredible resources at Fisher. Within minutes of talking to my academic advisor, Jen Mercer, I was already developing a plan for my Fisher career.

There are numerous class opportunities offered at Fisher and it can be quite an undertaking to figure out your schedule by yourself. As a first-year, some of my classes are scheduled for me, but I get to decide a couple of classes for spring semester. After a quick 15 minute conversation with Jen, I had a clearer path of what classes are required to graduate and how to ensure I have a strong, diverse, academic background.

Here at Fisher, you have the opportunity to talk and connect with advisors. They know how to help and support you along your journey as an MBA student. My advisor’s office is located on the first floor of Gerlach Hall in the Graduate Programs Office. You simply walk in and talk to someone at the front desk to make an appointment.

When you’re there, stop by and say hi to Ms. Alisa McMahon, probably the BEST resource at all of Fisher. One sentence in this post doesn’t do her justice, so I’ll tell you more about her later. But in a nutshell, she is the keeper of all knowledge, second-mother and smiling face that you need to have in your life (and she makes tea if you’re not feeling well).

During my program I’ve found that my Fisher family includes an incredible group of people that are all behind me, cheering me on. This fact, along with countless others, makes me so happy that I chose Fisher.

See you soon!

A student again

We made it.

More specifically, the MBA Class of 2014 made it through pre-term and the first three days of classes – and what a journey we’ve had so far.

It was slightly overwhelming walking into the Blackwell on the first day of pre-term and having no clue what to expect. It’s like Lars said in his post, I felt like I was in kindergarten again. I was hoping I would make new friends, hoping I would like my classes and my professors, and possibly the silliest thing, I was hoping I was wearing the right outfit! Not to worry, within minutes I was talking to other students and feeling much more at ease. The best part of pre-term? You figure out that you’re not alone – everyone is worried about accounting and a little nervous.

So now classes are in full swing, and I’ll be the first to tell you, professors expect you to be on your game. The reading starts before classes even begin and you hit the ground running. Before I could blink I had reading to finish, my GA position is about to start and I am trying to figure out how to join all these great clubs! And guess what? A career fair is less that two weeks away.

It’s slightly overwhelming.

But I know that I am not alone. I had coffee with a second year MBA and know that what I am going through is normal, and that things get easier. Our entire class is extremely supportive of one another, and Fisher has incredible resources at our disposal.
Stay tuned for more adventures during my first year at Fisher!

A new adventure – MBA

I cannot believe it has been almost two weeks since I last blogged – but I have a good reason…

I am officially going  back to school! That’s right everyone, you are looking at (I guess I should say reading) an MBA student’s blog.

I have never been happier as I type those words.

Today marked the last day of my pre-term program and classes start next Wednesday. While I am feeling slightly overwhelmed and have a ton of information to digest, I am so excited to  be going back to school and focusing on my career and my future.

So far, every single person whom I’ve met has an incredible, and interesting, story.  Some are like me and recent grads, some students have a few years of working under their belts and some have lots of experience and stories to share.

And I am ready to listen and learn (and talk – because, really, it’s me –  I am not one to have a problem talking to others!). I cannot wait to start classes, start looking for internships, work at the Wexner Medical Center as a GA and meet new people. In my Core Group I have two international students and two from other states; we all bring some diversity to our team. I can tell that we are ready to make a splash and work hard to impress our fellow students and professors.

I have chatted with professors, deans and faculty, and I know that I am swinging with some major players. Welcome to the big leagues.

I have some big expectations, from myself, my school and my amazing family/friends supporting me… and I am ready to make a name for myself.

Classes start next week…stay tuned for stories about my new adventures!


(part 3 of 3)

When I thought of the idea for a blog series about my brand,I didn’t think it would teach me so much.

I simply said to myself one day:

“It’s probably time to take of the glass-slippers Cinderella and show Ohio that you’re back. Not only are you back, but you’re better, more mature, a little tanner (thank you Florida sun) and ready to take on the world! So go on out there Jess, make your mark on the world!”

OK, maybe I didn’t say exactly that inspiring and well-thought out – but close. I knew that I had a pretty decent understand of personal branding and that it was time for me to move from princess to professional (but let’s be honest – the pink and the glitter are staying). 

The first part of slightly shifting my brand to was figuring out my values, goals and what I wanted my brand to say to people. You can read that journey by click here for the 1st post of this mini series: You, your image & your brand. One I knew my foundation, I needed to know if my brand would whisper, speak or yell.

Well, that’s a tough one – and, in my professional opinion – a trick question. I want all three.

Yup, you heard it here first, folk.

I want to whisper that I am both a child and adult

 speak of my experience, education and personality

yell that I am the optimistic and ready to change the world

So now, let’s do that – time to implement a brand.

  1. Clean up the image. To me, that really lands on social media. I designed a new website header and the fabulous @allyheller (check out her fantastic website: http://www.allyjeanhellyer.blogspot.com/ ) is helping me with a blog signature. I made sure that my website, overall, represented me – young professional, slightly on the girly side, and highlighted my blog and resume. I also updated LinkedIn and GOOGLE+, making sure all the information was correct and up to-date. My favorite social media outlet is Twitter, so I knew that had evolved with me. However, if you aren’t a huge tweeter, make sure that you have a photo, background and appropriate bio. Also, tweet fairly often about subjects that fall within your “brand umbrella”.
  2. Brand Umbrella. This idea came from a brainstorming exercise a professor told me about junior year. If I need help finding a topic to blog about, I simply starting writing down topics that fall into my brand umbrella. This is a great way to help get the creative juices flowing, and when creating a brand, seeing what falls into your comfort zone. Topics under my umbrella are college life, internships, young professionals, running, cooking, cupcakes, blogging, Walt Disney World, family, Ohio, OSU buckeyes… the list continues! Your brand is how people perceive you, and knowing subjects are in your niche will be extremely helpful when you show it to the world.
  3. Get a business card. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you’re a college student or a new professional – you need to have a business card. Not only does it allow you to keep all your information handy when you’re networking and meeting someone new, it just FELLS more professional! If someone asks for your email, you’re not rummaging for a pen or piece of paper. Simply grab your card and hand it over with a smile. BOOM! Great brand imaging right there. www.visitaprint.com is my favorite website for personal business cards. You can get 250 for free, you only need to pay shipping and handling (which runs about $6, so you can’t beat that deal).

***the most important thing about creating and implementing your band is CONSISTENCY***
If you have a color scheme, an icon, a quote or ANYTHING that is the foundation of your brand, put that on everything. 

When you go into an interview or a networking event, properly represent your brand. Now, I’m not saying dress all in pink or go around citing a fabulous motivational quote (come on, let’s not get crazy) but you need to walk-the-walk. BUT I HAVE GREAT NEWS! If your brand really represents you, it will be easy. I want my brand to show someone that is optimistic and loves meeting new people – and I try to have that come across when I meet new business connections.

Brands will mature and change as you do, but it’s important to know that you have complete power over your reputation and how people perceive you. Don’t be afraid to really take charge and decide what YOU want to represent.

thanks for reading!