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a chapter ends: packing the magic and moving to Ohio

17 hours. Just shy of 20 hours is what it took for me and my boyfriend to make the drive from Orlando to Ohio. Through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky, I felt like I forgot a small piece of my heart in Florida.

As I look back on my Disney College Experience I can’t begin to count the memories of happiness, laughter, finding new friends who became my family and personal strength I never knew. I learned how to handle difficult guest situations – and I learned that this Disney Princess is a little tougher than she looks.

  • 80 hour work week? check
  • Angry parents and screaming children? check
  • Multi-tasking to the extreme while handling 5,000 guests and their issues with a smile? Check
  • Parking 300 strollers? Check

my goodbye dinner - great looking Disney family

So the time came for me to return to Ohio for another incredible job opportunity (stay tuned about that!) and I packed my clothes and pretty much all my worldly possessions in the my trusty civic, cried while saying goodbyes and began the journey up 75 North.

I can’t really say I look different – perhaps a little tanner and toned due running, but pretty much the same. I can’t say I act different – still singing country tunes in the car (sorry boyfriend) and stopping at Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up.

But I  feel different. Not to sound Disney “corny”, but I feel like some of the magic buzzing around Disney World made the trip to Ohio with me.

Go ahead and laugh. Just laugh and get it over with. Tell me that magic doesn’t exists and I am waaayy to old to be pretending that a mouse and a castle have anything to do with magic. Ok…finished?

But … I feel the magic with me. Not the magic the includes pulling bunnies out of hats – but the type of magic the includes families and memories. The magic I experienced in Disney allowed me to see that families come in all different shapes and sizes…and happy people create more happiness. Respect goes a long way and fireworks are a great way to end your day. You can find friends while waiting in line and people love to tell stories about their own journeys. THAT magic.

And now I am in Ohio: ready to move back to Columbus and begin my next adventure. I’m nervous about my this change but can’t wait to share what I learn and see how I grow. It was time for me to close my Disney chapter of my life and look towards the future. One part ended – but another path is right in front of me.

Watch out Columbus – I’m back. I’m ready to rock it out at my new job and put my roots down in good ol’ Buckeye Nation. But want to know something even better? I have a little Disney magic with me.

Disney Princess update

Merry (almost) Christmas and Happy Holidays!

While preparing for the busy Christmas and New Years week here at Disney, a few people asked what my plans after my Disney College Program. A quick update on this Disney Princess –

I extended my College Program and will continue to work in the Backlands at DHS. I am so excited to spend the Christmas season in Orlando with sunshine, great friends, parks and resorts with wonderful decorations and my new Disney family. The way Disney weaves the distinct history and traditions of cultures from around the is phenomenal. Look for a post about Disney during the holidays coming soon!

After my College Program I will be returning to Columbus and beginning the new chapter of my post-graduate life back in Ohio. I love working for Disney and the mouse, but I want to make sure I continue to focus on my career passion and goals. Event planning, PR and communications.

My first College Program allowed me to grow both professionally and personally, and I know my extension will continue that tradition. I’ve learned how to interact with guests, remain strong yet polite, multi-task while interacting with thousands of guests, trust my other Cast Members and make magic. I cannot wait to see what happens in the coming months as the weather turns a little cooler and I enter into Florida’s “winter”.

Nevertheless, I cannot wait for my return to Ohio as a post-graduate. I am a buckeye, and Columbus will always be my home. 2012 will bring mang changes, but I know I am ready for anything.

I hope you stay tuned as this Disney Princess continues to make her mark on the world and embrace every new adventure.


Walking around the Disney theme parks the other day, I couldn’t help but realize, everyone is smiling. Either a little boy meeting a character, a girl buying a princess dress, or a newly engaged couple wearing Mickey ears – people are smiling.

And why shouldn’t they? They’re surrounded by magic and happiness.

But I think that is something in life so many people forget – be happy. Living in Florida and moving away from my family has shown me that people MAKE their own happiness. Putting yourself in a different situation with new people requires you to put your walls down. Your allowed to miss home and the people who make up your foundation (personally, my family and Ohio friends).

This week marks three weeks into my new adventure, and I’ve never had more fun. And I give credit to the amazing people around me.

It’s been different living with five other girls and creating friendships – but I grow each day from this adventure. I’ve become extremely close to a handful of girls down here, and we are constantly dragging each other to the parks and hanging out together after work.

Simple happiness.

Planning a movie night after work or heading to a park to catch a parade create memories – and build friendships. I can’t imagine my life without Ally and Christina. We keep each other smiling through good days and bad.

Another perk of this new friendship? Hearing about lives outside of Ohio. I now know about the Indiana University Marching Hundred and the ways of Alabama War Eagles. We sing our fight songs during football games and head for ice cream when we need a pick-me-up.

If I never would have taken a chance and applied for this program I never would have met theses girls. Three states, three colleges, one friendship. Sounds a little corny (which it is), but I give all the credit to the mouse.

Gotta love this happiness.


The magic begins…

It starts.

I’M OFFICIALLY a cast member of Walt Disney World! I am one of the newest workers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios working in Lights, Motor, Action! I will know my exact duties soon.

In a whirl-wind of eight hours I check-in, signed-in, moved-in and meet my fantastic five suite-mates. I am living in a three bedroom suite at Patterson Court. The other two options were Catham Square and Vista Way – each ranging from one to three bedrooms (each bedroom has two people).

The scariest thing about this entire adventure is the newness (Is that a word? For this post, we can all pretend it’s a word).

I haven’t experienced so much newness since, well, ever. When I moved from Cincinnati to Columbus there was still some similarities. Same state, same weather, same security knowing my family is two hours away.

Now there are lizards, tons of sun, random rain showers, new bus routes to learn, new people to meet and NETWORK with and… me. I have never felt more free, or more nervous. However, I feel this is what I need to feel at my ripe old age of twenty-two.

EVERY SINGLE COLLEGE STUDENT should apply for this internship. I am learning how to live truly on my own, and I am experiencing the internal workings of an incredible company. I want to spread my magic in a place that is full of magic – how could life get any better?

Stay tuned for more information about how I will Earn my ears and slowly become a full-fledged cast-member at WDW. And who knows? You may even gather your own pixie dust about Hollywood Studios and WDW as a whole.