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Columbus variety

This weekend I saw a ballet, volunteered at a marathon and saw a concert. It’s these jam-packed two days that make me love Columbus, Ohio.

My adventure-weekend started Friday with the performance of 7 Deadly Sins by BalletMet and Shadowbox Live. I grew up seeing musicals and plays with my family, but never a ballet. Incredible. The pure talent and strength I observed was astounding. While I only have my ballet/tap lessons I received in 4th grade to grade this performance on a technical level; I can say, without a doubt, it surpassed all my expectations on the entertainment level.

Other members of my group on my ballet journey were with my boyfriend, roommate and her boyfriend. While the boys were cautiously optimistic about seeing a ballet, both my roommate and I couldn’t wait to try something new. This specific performance incorporated both dance with live rock-in-roll. Each of the 7 deadly sins (pride, sloth, greed, wrath, lust, envy and gluttony) were highlighted for about five minutes and then Shadowbox live would perform a song/skit in-between. The show moved at a nice pace and each sin had its own voice. Overall, a great contemporary ballet. I’m already looking into buying tickets for next season!

After feeling a little more cultured after Friday night, my next to-do for my weekend adventure was volunteering at the Capital City Half Marathon. I am a member of the OSU Hunt Seat Equestrian Team and we volunteer at events throughout the year and this was my first time helping at a water spot.


The range of people I saw Saturday morning was astounding – not to mention the pure athleticism. Those we pushed themselves through the 13.1 miles were insane, and I now want to be one of them. I think knowing your training paid-off and you can complete 13 miles in under three hours is a major boost to self-pride. I found a half-marathon at Disney in January 2012, one day after I complete the college program. Hopefully I can live my dream and work at Disney forever and join the runners next January.

The last big event for my weekend was the Tim McGraw concert. Good Lord, I love my country men. Tim (we are on a first name basis now), Luke Bryan and The Band Perry sang to a swooning crowd for over four hours. Tim and Luke, respectively sporting a cowboy hat and ball cap, seemed to light the stage on fire with their talent. The Band Perry, somewhat new to the country scene, seemed much more comfortable during the opening act. I have seen the sibling trio on award shows, and cannot shake the idea they seem lost and almost glazed-over. I was pleasantly surprised.

However, the act that couldn’t be topped was Tim McGraw. He knew how to move around the stage, interact with screaming fans and a filled arena. Classy and handsome.

When I started brainstorming ideas for this blog the advice to talk about meaning events kept popping up. The conclusion? This post. After this weekend I can name another 1,000 I love about Columbus and the people who make it great. How can you be bored in this city?