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Mind your manners

Quick dinner etiquette:

Napkins in the lap once everyone is seated.

Don’t touch your silverware until everyone at your table is served.

Drinks on the right, bread on the left.

Consume small, bite-size pieces.

Be aware of your silverware’s resting and finished position.

Never, ever, push away your plate and stack your dishes. 


Are the rules above ingrained in your mind and simply second nature? GOOD! Or, do you have no clue what proper etiquette is – and even less of a clue what a fork’s resting position is? PERFECT! Then this is the blog post you need to read!

For us Fisher Graduate students, the Etiquette Dinner this past Monday at The Blackwell  was a great way to brush-up, and learn, proper etiquette and table manners.

Hosted by At Ease Inc., our dinner was was a 4-course meal with soup, salad, entree, dessert and the trickiest food of all…BREAD.

Our wonderful host taught us the true intention of business meals (to enjoy the company of those around you), and how to properly eat soup, bread, pasta, meat and more. I had a basic understanding of proper etiquette (thanks, mom!), but it was so great to have a refresher course.

These simply tips are great to know how to act when out to lunch/dinner/drinks with coworkers, leaders or clients. In a professional job setting, you are always being observed and slurping your soup is not the way to impress your boss!

For more tips and tricks of etiquette, please check out the book, One Minute Manners by Ann Marie Sabath, president of At Ease, Inc.

This website also gives a great demonstration for the proper “resting” and “finished” position of silverware.

One of my favorite things about the Fisher MBA Program is the HUGE variety of activities offered. If you would told me four months ago I would be  having the time of my life in my program and learning how to eat temperamental pasta without embarrassing myself, I would have thought you were crazy! Fisher gives numerous opportunities to step away from classes and enjoy time with your fellow students, while still learning more about the business world. Where else can you get these fun experiences?

My favorite tip that I learned? When at a happy hour or networking event, keep your drink in your LEFT hand. This way when you are going to introduce yourself to someone, you are not awkwardly shifting your drink around and have a cold, wet hand

See you guys soon!

*images taken from google.com


Mac-N-Cheese, Mead & discounted txts

One reason I love Columbus is there is always something to do. Always. Doesn’t matter the time of day, Columbus is alive. What other city offers great food, pubs, parks, plays, ballets, breweries and more within a 10 mile radius?

My favorite ritual is Monday’s $5 Mac & Cheese at Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits in the Short North (located just north of Downtown). Betty’s is a cozy restaurant that surrounds you with pin-up artwork and a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike chain restaurants, Betty’s and the majority of the Short North restaurants are “Ohio Proud” and serve locally grown and raised products.

Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits (picture courtesy of Betty’s website)

The Short North is an area located just north of Downtown full of eclectic galleries, delicious restaurants and quant shops. This assorted neighborhood caters to all food preferences, so always feel free to bring those who are vegetarian and vegan – they will not be disappointed. It is a wonderful place to go after class or on the weekend when meeting up with friends. Prices are reasonable and, for those of us on a college budget, happy hours are everywhere!

The Short North – you will NEVER be bored here!
Picture courtesy of Experience Columbus

It is a great neighborhood to grab lunch, dinner, coffee or drinks with friends. You can pick a favorite restaurant, try everything on their menu and never be disappointed! From Mac & Cheese, to mead (a DELISH honey wine), to vegan cupcakes, the Short North is perfect for all budgets and taste buds.

If you are looking for something to do after dinner, check out the Ohio Theatre located in Downtown Columbus. Owned by CAPA (Columbus Association for the Performing Arts), the Ohio Theatre is a National Historic Landmark and hosts a variety of shows for extremely reasonable prices. From traditional to contemporary, every show is a hit. Personally, I love the BalletMet! Even better, the Ohio Student Union offers discounted tickets to students.

So take a night off of studying, get off the computer and go EXPERIENCE COLUMBUS!

The hunger edge

“No thanks, I already had a piece of bread.”

“You’re only eating one piece?! I thought it was a girls’ night and we weren’t counting calories.” 

My new favorite recipe: Teranga Pasta

Peer pressure.

To be more specific, peer pressure about FOOD. Eat more, get fries, split a dessert, or my biggest flaw, a delicious fried appetizer and a drink (and let’s be serious, we all know that a fruity sangria is NOT low calorie).

The conversation above happened a few weeks ago when I went out with some of my girlfriends for dinner, drinks and dancing. Meeting out for drinks and food is pretty usual, and I typically eat a small dinner beforehand while I’m getting ready.

Because really, I am starving at 5:30pm and we don’t usually head for till dinner till 7 or 8pm. I’d wither away from hunger if I didn’t eat sooner! My pre-meal is mostly carrots, a banana or some type of fruit/veggie combo. Nothing major, but something to take the “hunger edge” off (And cheaper! As I budget my life, I do to have the funds to eat out every weekend).

I’ll admit it, I do watch everything I eat very carefully – and I am very strict with myself about how much I eat and what I eat on a daily basis. Want to know why? Because I LOVE food and I can become an unintelligent eater very quickly. If I don’t think through what I am eating or how much, I can blaze through a full meal and dessert within 30 minutes and probably still be hungry.

Great to munch on if you want to eat a smaller dinner later, or after the gym! The brighter and more colorful, the healthier!

It’s ridiculous.

So to make sure I eat healthy I try and eat slowly, eat till I’m full and embrace cooking. Since returning from Disney and having a “normal” routine, I have been able to try new recipes (and Pinterest, I love cooking now because of that incredible website – I am not afraid to admit I have a problem).

I feel that you are judged by what you eat, and what you DON’T eat. Go out with friends and order a salad and suddenly people ask why you’re on a diet. Go on a double date and Red Robin and eat burgers and fries, and suddenly it’s a big deal and we are celebrating.


Again, it’s ridiculous.

I firmly believe that people are always on a diet – that is simply what you eat every day! You have the choice to make it health, or you can eat things that have no nutritional value and are not good for you. As a runner, I appreciate whole grains and bread. But I make sure I have my protein and veggies as well.

What I’ve learned recently is portion control. I am really trying to train myself to measure how the proper size of noodle when I make pasta, two teaspoons of dressing for salads and things of that nature.

It is OK to eat. In fact, it’s pretty critical. However, it  cannot be something that we obsess over and discuss while we are enjoying a meal. And on the other hand, it cannot be something we indulge in every day. We have to find  balance!

One of my favorite treats – ANYTHING from Pattycake Bakery

My tips are to cook more at home, eat intelligently when eating out, and split food is possible. It is common knowledge that portions at a restaurant are HUGE, so split with a girlfriend! If you are craving some dessert after the meal, pass on the fries.

Want to try cooking at home? Invite some friends over and cook for them! You’d be surprised how much fun it is to entertain others. Ask them what they look to cook and where they find their recipes. My old roomie in Disney, Ally, made INCREDIBLE meals and helped foster my love of cooking.

But most of all, live life and be happy!