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End of Autumn Semester

One review session, two exams and one take-home final stands between me and break.

So. Close.

When I look back on the first semester of the Fisher MBA Program, and I can’t even begin to list all the memories. Ranging from classes, hysterical lectures (really, wait till you hear Professor Campbell tell you about pirates), Fisher Follies, drinks at the Varsity Club after finals, tailgating, EOTW (Events of the Week),  study groups, a perfect football season and so much more.

There have been tears, there have been laughs, and there have been hundreds of cups of coffee.

I know that days into the holiday break I’ll be missing everyone at school, but I am excited to sleep-in and watch a few movies. But in all honesty, this break will be a great time to throw myself into my 3rd full-time job: finding an internship.

I know numerous companies will be posting internships and coming to campus in January, and I want to be ready. I have had some great mentors show me how they researched companies, and I know I am up for the challenge. Even better, a few weeks without class will allow me to research more companies and follow-up on networking emails.

No one ever said business school was easy – good thing I love a challenge 🙂

The break will give me a chance to rest, recharge, start researching companies and see my family and friends back at home. I know that next semester with Strategy, Finance II, Marketing II and Operations II will be here before I can blink…so let’s get my last three finals out of the way!

Happy Holidays!

Take a chance

It seems like with each passing day I need another list:

  • daily to-dos
  • work schedule
  • those whom I would like to reconnect
  • those whom I would like to meet
  • friends to call

That last one? It’s a big one. And as a member of the Disney College Program, one of the most exciting.

One reason I would encourage everyone to take-part of the Disney CP is due to EVERYTHING this company offers! Chances to attend workshops, presentations, alumni speakers, volunteer activities, welcome events and more (look, another list!).

I wanted to focus this post on the importance of stepping outside of one’s daily routine and taking advantage of events around you. It seems like SO many don’t fully read a newsletter or an email and miss news about upcoming social events.


You read that right! In my opinion, things are constantly overlooked because people skim over or completely ignore helpful communication. Take ten minutes and read, and I mean reallllyyy read, a newsletter. (Also, as a communication major, I know how much time and talent is poured into those things! Why not go ahead and give them a read?)

After you find out about these amazing opportunities, go ahead and sign-up for one! One a college campus, on this program or in a professional office setting, there are so many new things to learn and try.

Worse-case scenario?

You don’t love it. Oh well. You spent a couple of hours of your life meeting new people, learning about something new and maybe even got free food.

Sounds like a win.

I think college students and young graduates are sometimes afraid to put themselves outside of their routine. And that fear may keep them from experiencing opportunities or learning about something new.

While I may sound like my mom for a moment, this is my advice as a recent college-grad and a girl who took a chance and is living in Florida and fulfilling her dreams for six months, maybe longer.

Attend workshops. Go to welcome events. See a flier for a open-meeting, go. First meeting for a club tomorrow at 7 p.m. with free pizza – take your two best friends and try it out.

You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn.