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Things to do in Columbus (plus, a little buckeye)

This past weekend, I was able to go to the Columbus Blue Jackets game with my younger sister, Erin. While my Jackets lost 2-3, Erin and I had a blast AND we received free hats! Can you say #winning?

My younger sister is a freshman at Ohio State and currently applying to the nursing program. I am so happy that she chose to attend OSU – so I can see her a little more frequently AND keep an eye on her. Because truly, what are big sisters for?

cheering on the Blue Jackets!

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but I love Columbus, Ohio. I moved here in 2007 when I started at OSU as an undergrad, and I now consider the 614 my home. I moved back to Cincinnati for a summer or two, and then to Orlando, Florida when I was working at Walt Disney World.

Still, from Southern Ohio to Florida – there is something special about Columbus.

When entering the MBA program, you are surrounding yourself with resources, both inside and outside school. We have top companies in the Columbus Area (check out this article that appeared in Inc. in 2011), cool neighborhoods when you are ready for some fun and great sports teams (what can I say – I’m a sports girl).

Cool places to around school:

  • Arena District – see a show and have a drink – I’m in heaven!
  • Short North – edgy and express (see my post about Betty’s!)
  • German Village – shopping, bakeries, coffee and beautiful architecture
  • Grandview – Close to campus and great for place for graduate students to go when wanting to relax and enjoy a happy hour. Grandview Cafe has delicious food, great drinks and trivia night on Thursdays.
Sports around Columbus:
Other cool things in my favorite city:
So, why are you still reading?!? Go explore this fabulous city – see you around 🙂

d-tix: happiness on a budget

Concerts, plays, baseball & hockey games, Wexner Center exhibits, Zoo Lights, COSI and more.

My poor wallet already seems lighter just thinking about all these incredible things…but Ohio State University has a fantastic resource that allows students to spend a relaxing night enjoying Columbus – while sticking to a budget.

d-tix at the Student Union (ground floor) is something that cannot be missed.

A quick snapshot of d-tix’s web page – can you just smell all the great deals?!

One of the many treasures at OSU, d-tix is the discount ticket hub for students – both undergraduate and professional. Discounted tickets range from sports, concerts, plays and more. Even better, some restaurants and comedy clubs in Columbus partner with d-tix and offer discounted gift cards. For example, you can purchase a $25 gift card to Champps for only $10. Or, why not buy a Cedar Point ticket for only $15?

For free tickets, students can only pick-up one ticket per BuckID. For discounted tickets, the limit is two per BuckID.  Some of the more popular tickets sell out quickly, so get there early and be prepared for a line. Tickets go on sale Tuesday at 5 pm. They can sell out, so I recommend getting there a little bit early. But, it’s a great mental break and a chance to enjoy some fresh air while you walk to the Student Union.

Business school is busy…but there is always time for a little bit of fun! And when you pay your tution and fees, you PAY for a student activity fee. So why not enjoy some of the perks? I bought tickets to a Columbus Clippers game a few months ago for my boyfriend, and we had a wonderful time at the game! My roomie and I are planning on seeing the Nutcracker in December – tickets go on sale in November and they are only $5! Can you think of a better deal or way to celebrate the holiday season?!

So go check out d-tix during your free time (that’s actually a laughable concept while in school…) and see what sparks your interest!

Talk to you guys soon!

the madness of March

With my buckeyes making it to the Final Four of the 2012 NCAA Tournament, it seemed only fitting to blog about March Madness.

But this isn’t your typical basketball blog – if you’re looking for stats, predictions or a review of the games, you’ll want to check somewhere else. No my friends, this is about appropriate behavior in regards to college sports. To clarify even farther, if you are a sports fan, college or professional, there is an unspoken code of contact that should be followed. These rules apply to bars, restaurants, social media and every day life.

Bottom line? I don’t care who’s playing or what team you’re rooting for – there is no need to act like a buffoon when your bracket takes a turn for the worse.

That’s right. I said it. Don’t be a  buffoon.

I grew up watching sports and went to a university that rallies behind its athletes BUT if I am with friends going to watch a NCAA game at a sports bar I don’t think people should cross the line that separates a fan..and an an annoyance.

This past weekend Ohio State (#2) played Syracuse (#1) with the Buckeyes winning 77-70 over the Orange. I went to a sports bar with some friends to watch the game and was extremely surprised how rude fans were to each other. Not even to those on the other team, but to other Ohio State fans. People were yelling at others to stop cheering for other games and throwing things at the television.

Now, I’ll chant just as loudly for my team as the next fan, but there needs to be a line between cheering and simply being trashy.

In the end, no matter what you throw at the TV screen the officials cannot hear you and you will not influence their calls…and you’re ruining the game for everyone else.

So stop, and let everyone around you enjoy the game. Want to even go a step farther into maturity? Don’t post insane comments on your Facebook that are full of obscenities talking about how much you hate the other team.

I’ll say this over and over AND OVER  — when you act inappropriately in public or on social media it will come back to haunt you. Unfortunately in today’s world once a photo is posted on-line the damage is done. And that damage could be the thing that cost you a job or internship.

Just words of advice from a college-grad who saw some behavior this weekend that should never appear on Facebook. Be respectful and act like an adult when out in public, and always keep an eye on how you are portrayed on social media.