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I have a bug – the running bug

At the end of March I posted about running my first half-marathon and my new-found passion for running. This past week – I signed up for another race! I will be running The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon/Half-Marathon on October 21, 2012.

Just call me a RUNNER

I am excited for another chance to train and see if  I can shave a few minutes off of my time. While I am extremely proud of signing up for another race, I am more excited to start training.

While I was training for the Cap City 1/2 Marathon, I was working towards a goal. I enjoyed pushing myself and seeing how far I could run, how much I could life or how fast I could move. I am learning that I am the type of person that needs motivation at the gym and when I am running in the beautiful city of Columbus (and I mean really, after the third mile I am ready to smell the flowers. Or stop at the air-conditioned Starbucks). Training for a race and watching the a countdown helps keep my legs moving down the trail.

Another great thing I learn from this training is I can tone-down my competitive streak. I have always loved playing soccer or swimming, because there is a winner. For me and running, I sure as heck know my butt is going to be towards the end of the pack. But, oddly enough, that’s ok. It’s weird to be happy in 6,941 place.

My boyfriend and I are running the the Color Run 5K next month – so stay tuned for some colorful pictures coming soon!


I trained, I ran, I conquered

Approximately three weeks ago I ran the Cap City Half-Marathon.

That’s right folks – I ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 47 minutes. OK, well I actually ran about 12 miles and walked (a brisk power walk, may I add) the other 1.1 miles.

finished my first half-marathon in 2:47!

And I am pretty darn proud of myself.

I only stopped once to open my GU packet around mile 9, and let’s not lie, once I passed the 8 mile marker I was thinking about quitting, simply stopping right in the middle of the street. I wanted to join the runner from the “A Corral” that had already finished the race. They were starting to come back down the course and cheer on the ret of the runners –  with delicious bagels and tasty coffee in their hands.

That’s right…I was tempted by a bagel.

However, I didn’t let the delicious Panera bagel stop me! I kept right on moving my feet: I moved them from downtown to the Lennox Town Center, to campus, down High Street, to the German Village, then to the beautiful finish line by the State House.

And I was supported all.the.way. All glorious 13.1 miles.

I think that is what made me love the half-marathon so much – the incredible support from Columbus, my friends and my social media family.

whooo-hooo! First half-marathon! Check out my nervous self at 6:45 in the morning.

My boyfriend drove me to the starting line and stayed with me until we were told to make our way to the proper starting corral. He also kept me calm as I worried about what to eat, what to wear and about not even crossing the finish line (being THAT person that was going to slow and was pulled from the race).

I had prepared for it all, everything but the amount of support and love I received in less than three hours.

Members of the New Albany Walking club calmed my nerves and we waited for the race to start, random people yelled my name and told me to keep going along the way, my wonderful friend Elizabeth gave me the much-needed encouragement at mile 5 when I was starting to feel winded, and my incredible boyfriend and amazing best friend clapped louder than anyone for me at mile 11 (and tempted me with Starbucks). My friends on Facebook and Twitter sent me encouraging posts the evening before and during my race…and every single volunteer at the water/GU stops told me to keep being strong.

The finish line was slightly emotional, so much cheering and support for EVERY SINGLE runner that crossed the finish line. Even better, look at the awesome medal I received!

I officially have the “running bug”. I signed up for the Color Run 5k in July and the Columbus Half Marathon in October. Once registration opens up for the 2012 Cap City half, I am going to register for that one as well. I am not the fastest or the steadiest runner – but I am determined to make each race a LITTLE faster and a LITTLE bit better. I am moving from Corral E to Corral D for the next half marathon – so I already feel like a champion.

Thanks everyone for your support!