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Advisor and advising

“Hi Jess, come on in. What can I help you with?”

You wouldn’t think these simple words would be so meaningful – but coming from an advisor, they’re a beautiful thing to hear.

Scheduling at Ohio State is an undertaking – after four years at OSU as an undergrad, I am well-aware of the pressure of scheduling. Funny thing, that doesn’t seem to be present at Fisher.

My window to schedule opens later this month and I plan on a marketing track with a focus in brand management. However, should I combine that with strategy? I also want to learn as much as possible about operations…and we can’t forget about the importance of data analysis.

OK, starting to feel a little bit stressed again.

Best way to handle the stress feeling? Go talk to an advisor. Best part about Fisher? The advisors know your name, know how to help and know the incredible resources at Fisher. Within minutes of talking to my academic advisor, Jen Mercer, I was already developing a plan for my Fisher career.

There are numerous class opportunities offered at Fisher and it can be quite an undertaking to figure out your schedule by yourself. As a first-year, some of my classes are scheduled for me, but I get to decide a couple of classes for spring semester. After a quick 15 minute conversation with Jen, I had a clearer path of what classes are required to graduate and how to ensure I have a strong, diverse, academic background.

Here at Fisher, you have the opportunity to talk and connect with advisors. They know how to help and support you along your journey as an MBA student. My advisor’s office is located on the first floor of Gerlach Hall in the Graduate Programs Office. You simply walk in and talk to someone at the front desk to make an appointment.

When you’re there, stop by and say hi to Ms. Alisa McMahon, probably the BEST resource at all of Fisher. One sentence in this post doesn’t do her justice, so I’ll tell you more about her later. But in a nutshell, she is the keeper of all knowledge, second-mother and smiling face that you need to have in your life (and she makes tea if you’re not feeling well).

During my program I’ve found that my Fisher family includes an incredible group of people that are all behind me, cheering me on. This fact, along with countless others, makes me so happy that I chose Fisher.

See you soon!

Take Time for Yourself

“Don’t forget to take a little bit every day for yourself.”

I heard these words a few times during the pre-term program last month and I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what that statement meant. I mean, of course I was going to be busy with school/homework/projects/exams/getting involved/football/networking, but why the frequent reminder to take time for yourself?

Well, about a month into school, I know EXACTLY why our professors, advisors and second-years tell us to take some personal time.

If you don’t take a step back every now and then, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and slightly panicked. (And when I say overwhelmed, it’s sort of like the feeling of juggling five objects in the air and getting nervous that one is about to drop).

After getting through the first few midterms terms and starting to study for the SECOND round of exams (I know, it’s insane) I finally am finding a balance. When I come home I study and study – but I make sure I take 1 hour and go got a run a few times a week, and I try to find one night a week to have dinner with my roomie, and I make sure that I focus on my non-MBA friends as well.

Because I need that.

School is a huge (ok, it’s the main part of my life), but there are other aspects that need to be attended to. It’s all about balance. BUT, you cannot forget to take time for yourself. When school feels overwhelming and I think that the next stats problem may cause me top bang my head against the table, I go for a ten minute walk. I don’t think about classes and I don’t make a mental to-do list, I simply just walk and get some fresh air.

It always helps.

One thing that the MBA program is teaching me is time management and how to focus my time. But it is also teaching me that school, work and personal life are all important.

See you soon after another crazy week of exams, meetings and classes.

Disney Princess grows up

Continuing with my earlier post about wanting to work at Disney, I thought I would discuss my “college stress” this post. To me, it feels like every day I learn something I could be doing better – either networking, polishing my résumé or updating my portfolio. To quote Sarah, or TheNakedRedHead,”the world just seems noisy.” Which it is…I understand that…but does it ever stop? I almost feel like as a soon-to-be-graduate I am already falling behind and not able to keep up.

And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a whiny post at all, just a senior’s ramblings about a hectic schedule. I feel that I could always be reading another blog or article, posting a thought-provoking tweet or networking with another great professional; but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. With classes and clubs, not to mention simply having a social life, I am constantly making a to-do list and sloooowwwllly crossing things off.

However, after a wonderful talk with Sarah, I realized things can go on the back-burner. I am not going to die if I don’t tweet for five hours, and some blogs can be read once a week, maybe even one every two weeks. Priorities need to be assembled and it’s OK to wonder if you are going about things the right way.

So I made a list. That’s right, I sat down and I organized my noisy brain. After enjoying the last weeks of my life as a college student at OSU and making sure I finish my quarter strong (thanks OvalBeach for that distraction), Disney feel into third place. Behind Twitter and reading blogs everyday, just the word Disney.

That’s my life lesson of the week — working for Disney isn’t a maybe dream, IT’S MY DREAM. So that’s the new focus of this, now more mature, Disney Princess. I want to strengthening a connection with someone at Disney and work on my PR skills while I wait for August and the big move to Florida. If I have free time, that’s when I click to a blog and read…no pressure, no noise.

Best advice from Sarah while we sat outside and enjoyed Starbucks on a warm Saturday morning? Thank God for the delete key 🙂