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oh, the places you’ll go

This past Sunday at 2 p.m. the 2012 OSU Winter Commencement officially started and one of my best friends received her diploma, shook President Gee’s hand and joined me as a proud buckeye alumni.

OSU grads

So weird.

I watched my friends and former classmates graduate and couldn’t help but think of my graduation last spring. While the overall message remained the same, President Gee tried extremely hard to make this speech different than previous graduations. But the core message remained the same – Ohio State gave us the fuel and acted as a launching pad for our future, and now it’s time to fly.

Cheesy cheesy cheesy.

But true. It’s been about eight months since I graduated college, and it was nice to go back and REALLY listen to graduation. I’ll be the first to admit, last June I was waving to my family, smiling for pictures, finding friends in the sea of black gowns, chatting about senior bar craw and figuring out plans for the evening …. I wasn’t exactly paying FULL attention to the speakers (and it was about 90 degrees in the Horseshoe and I was dying for a Diet Coke and a hot-dog). So listening to the message again was beneficial.

Hearing President Gee tell the new graduates that life doesn’t end after college but simply begins a new chapter of life is refreshing, and what I needed to hear. Honestly, I think these next four years are going to be the scariest/best/most developing years of my life. It still feels weird to get out of bed and head downtown to work and not across the Oval to class. It feels weird to have the world at my feet. It feels weird to know that the choices I make during this year could impact the rest of my life.

Moving from cheesy cheesy cheesy to dramatic dramatic dramatic. Wonderful.

But it’s true – how I continue to expand my network and strengthen my skills now do nothing but lay down the path for my future. It’s just slightly scary to have some cool internship and Disney experience, my degree, my big bright personality and passion with me and face the world.

As a college-grad living in today’s world it seems like we have a ton of un-spoken rules to follow. Know social media, mind your manners, make a difference in today’s world, support the right causes and make sure you can handle your iPhone, emails, twitter and Facebook presence all at once (I’m still rocking the dumb phone so one thing I don’t have to worry about – and yes mom, I am the only person without an iPhone.)

So now what? What is the next step in this wonderful path I call my life?

I found a company that I believe in and am ready to mold myself into a professional – and make sure I remember my values and what is important to me. One of my new goals is to read a professional book every month (sort of like a self-help book — stay tuned for my review of my March read during my next blog post!), and the one I am currently reading really focuses on writing down goals. See your goals, strive for your goals, reach your goals…not a bad concept.

Now is the time to really think about my goals…both short and long-term. Thanks for reading!

Why blog?

When talking to friends this past week during dinner, the topic of blogging entered conversation. My roommate Ally and I both blog (visit her incredible blog here!) and we started making our case for why people should write.

Here is a quick list of our top seven reason on why everyone should keep a blog.

  1. Sharpens writing skills
  2. Increases discipline
  3. Gives you a place to share your feelings & thoughts
  4. Meet other people around with the same interest
  5. Stay connected with family and loved ones
  6. Records your memories and idea – great to reread months/years later
  7. Gives you a place to call your own

I truly believe there is no better form of therapy than taking a pen to paper or listening to the keys click on your keyboard. Blogging doesn’t need to be for others, it can start as a way to relax simply for yourself. Today’s world seems like it’s spinning out of control, and it’s easy to lose your voice.

Blogging can help relieve stress and put one’s thoughts in order. Sometimes I don’t know exactly how I feel about a topic until I’ve blogged about it. Plus, my family can make sure I’m alright by reading my recent posts 🙂

Another huge point in discipline. I try to blog two to three times a week – doesn’t matter about what, but blog about something important in my life, both professionally and personally. While I don’t hit my mark every week, it gives me a solid and obtainable goal. It’s sort of like going to the gym, you should have a weekly goal for yourself. Something you have to word towards, but something that is obtainable.

Blogging is like a muscle…the more you work at it, the stronger it becomes.

Finally, another reason I have come to love blogging is the people you come to “know”. I am very Disney, PR and event focused  (especially since this Disney Princess is living out here dream here in Florida!). Though my own posts and comments left by other bloggers I’ve entered an entire new community. All ages and backgrounds – these are the most incredible people I have ever known. The best thing is we help one another out and spread our messages to others.

Please feel free to send me your opinions about why you blog! Who do you follow and who do you love?

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