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MBA student & FOOTBALL

You didn’t think that I would skip over a chance to write about Buckeye football did you?!

Everything you’ve heard about the boys in scarlet & grey, the ‘Shoe, tailgating and Buckeye Nation is true. It’s big, it’s loud…and  there is nothing better then looking around at thousands of other fans and knowing you are part of it all.

This weekend was the first OSU football game and it felt so great to take a few hours away from stressing about homework and school. The Fisher Social Chairs threw a tailgate at Fisher Commons and the dreary skies couldn’t stop us from enjoying the pregame excitement. It wasUrban Meyer’s first game as a buckeye, and I think we can all agree that the 56-10 victory over the Miami RedHawks put Columbus in a cheerful mood.


When you become a buckeye, you become part of a family. Yup, I just typed that (very) cheesy line. But how can you cheer with thousands of other fans and sing Carmen Ohio without knowing that you are part of something more?

Students, professors, faculty and the entire city of Columbus come together for football games, and it’s pretty easy to see that same family-bond in the classroom. I was talking to my Ethics Professor this morning about the game, and within minutes he is telling me about his own family tailgate and his opinion of the new coaching staff. My core team was still talking about Devin Smith’s catch and deciding what food to bring for NEXT Saturday’s tailgate.

I cannot wait for next weekend’s game and to see even more of Coach Meyer and the Buckeyes, but I also can’t wait to watch the game with my new-found friends. The nervousness of my program is starting to fade (quickly replaced by nervousness of approaching midterms), and I feel that I am finding my footing at Fisher…including some amazing friendships that I know will continue throughout the years.

And, could you believe that it all started with a football game?


Walking around the Disney theme parks the other day, I couldn’t help but realize, everyone is smiling. Either a little boy meeting a character, a girl buying a princess dress, or a newly engaged couple wearing Mickey ears – people are smiling.

And why shouldn’t they? They’re surrounded by magic and happiness.

But I think that is something in life so many people forget – be happy. Living in Florida and moving away from my family has shown me that people MAKE their own happiness. Putting yourself in a different situation with new people requires you to put your walls down. Your allowed to miss home and the people who make up your foundation (personally, my family and Ohio friends).

This week marks three weeks into my new adventure, and I’ve never had more fun. And I give credit to the amazing people around me.

It’s been different living with five other girls and creating friendships – but I grow each day from this adventure. I’ve become extremely close to a handful of girls down here, and we are constantly dragging each other to the parks and hanging out together after work.

Simple happiness.

Planning a movie night after work or heading to a park to catch a parade create memories – and build friendships. I can’t imagine my life without Ally and Christina. We keep each other smiling through good days and bad.

Another perk of this new friendship? Hearing about lives outside of Ohio. I now know about the Indiana University Marching Hundred and the ways of Alabama War Eagles. We sing our fight songs during football games and head for ice cream when we need a pick-me-up.

If I never would have taken a chance and applied for this program I never would have met theses girls. Three states, three colleges, one friendship. Sounds a little corny (which it is), but I give all the credit to the mouse.

Gotta love this happiness.


true friendship

One of my favorite quotes is “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”  by Walter Winchell. Simple and to the point, it seems to say that fulfilling the duty of a best friend should be easy. But it’s not.

10 years and counting...

We all need that one best friend who we can call at 2 a.m. No matter if we saw the ex-boyfriend and sent a text, embarrassed ourselves at a party, failed a test, need to gossip about a Facebook post, got in a huge fight with mom, potentially screwed up our ENTIRE future by messing up an interview or need advice on what shoes to wear to said interview.

Want to know something great? I have a friend like that, and have been lucky enough to know her since the 6th grade. After becoming a buckeye, I have picked up a few more.

In high school my views on friendship (no matter how shallow this may seem) focused more on quantity over quality. As the years passed and I graduated from high school, and now college, that immature veneer disappeared. I have gathered a few more best  friends in college, and can tell you with 100% certainty, I couldn’t be happier with my close-knit group of friends.

No matter how many friends you have on Facebook or listed in your cell phone, when in trouble you call one person – your best friend.

There will always be the friends who you meet for coffee or go out with on a Friday night, but when you have tears in your eyes and feel like the world is moving underneath your feet, you call your best friends.

They know when to listen to you cry or complain, and when to gently give you advice. You can pick up right where you left off, even if it has been a couple of weeks without talking. It’s almost like no time has passed.

As I matured through college and am slowly finding my balance as a graduate, I am thankful for my best friends. I know my future with the Disney College Program and attempting to turn this opportunity into a career I will make mistakes and fall — but I have incredible people around me to catch me.