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A new adventure – MBA

I cannot believe it has been almost two weeks since I last blogged – but I have a good reason…

I am officially going  back to school! That’s right everyone, you are looking at (I guess I should say reading) an MBA student’s blog.

I have never been happier as I type those words.

Today marked the last day of my pre-term program and classes start next Wednesday. While I am feeling slightly overwhelmed and have a ton of information to digest, I am so excited to  be going back to school and focusing on my career and my future.

So far, every single person whom I’ve met has an incredible, and interesting, story.  Some are like me and recent grads, some students have a few years of working under their belts and some have lots of experience and stories to share.

And I am ready to listen and learn (and talk – because, really, it’s me –  I am not one to have a problem talking to others!). I cannot wait to start classes, start looking for internships, work at the Wexner Medical Center as a GA and meet new people. In my Core Group I have two international students and two from other states; we all bring some diversity to our team. I can tell that we are ready to make a splash and work hard to impress our fellow students and professors.

I have chatted with professors, deans and faculty, and I know that I am swinging with some major players. Welcome to the big leagues.

I have some big expectations, from myself, my school and my amazing family/friends supporting me… and I am ready to make a name for myself.

Classes start next week…stay tuned for stories about my new adventures!

ringing in the new year

I can definitely say my 2011 holiday season was the craziest, most unusual, I ever experienced. I spent my time with my new-found Disney family and was lucky enough for my mom, dad and sister to leave the cold Ohio-winter and spend the week between Christmas and New Years in Orlando with me.  We were all able to tan by the pool Christmas day before I worked and spent the rest of the week visiting the parks and resorts. It was a struggle for me to drop them off at the airport on the 30th and send them back up to Ohio! I was so touched my family gave up a “normal” Christmas for an non-traditional holiday a thousand miles away.

New Years Eve also followed suite of being very different from my earlier celebrations. I am proud to say I welcomed 2012 in at Toy Story Midway Mania! with my best friends and a few thousand guests.

No sparkle dress, no drinking, no high heels, no party, no toasting to happiness as the ball dropped in New York — but I still had a great time in my Toy Story costume, my sneakers, laughing with guests as they blew their nose-makers and watched some incredible fireworks.

As I talked to a family waiting for their turn to ride, the dad asked me if I had any New Years resolutions for 2012. I listed off my three: hit the gym harder and watch what I eat, get a “big girl” job and try to stress less. Then the dad said to me, sounds like you simply need to project more positive thoughts into the world.

speechless. I had no idea what to say back to this man … I was almost slightly offended that this random man didn’t think I was projecting enough positive thoughts to begin with. I consider myself a very positive, pink and sparkle person.

I asked the man what his comment ment exactly and he told me why have specific goals? People put themselves under so much pressure every day…do this, finish that, look like this, figure that out. He told me that within 15 minutes of meeting me he knew about my plans to return to Ohio, obtain my Masters within five years and start the next chapter of my life as a young professional. The man then told me that he was almost 60 years old and had made  a few resolutions in his life, but those always seemed to disappear in a few months – however, telling yourself to be simply be happy and project happy thoughts into the world never failed.

Ok, that doesn’t seem hard. Instead of stressing about an interview I only think good things about the job, myself and the interview? Pretty easy concept. Not beating myself up for having a brownie and enjoying working out again? I think I can manage that … hard to actually turn off all stress, but I can sure try to work on projecting positive thoughts.

That’s my goal for 2012 – less stress about that things I cannot change. I am the type of person that loves to control everything and make it perfect, but that can lead to more stress and anxiety. Life is pretty good if I do say so myself, so I need to roll with the punches and let whatever happens…happen.

Thanks for reading!