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Disney lights up the night

Please remember – this blog consists of my thoughts and opinions only. My ‘thoughts, my ‘tude.

Walt Disney World is full of magic, both day and night. However, with multiple parades, fireworks and shows throughout the park, it can become slightly overwhelming. Disney night shows are my absolute favorite – so here is an easy layout of my favorite magical shows for October 2011.

Here is the schedule for Disney night shows that list specific times and days – please note that some evenings shows are held twice, it has been my experience that the later show is considerably less crowded. All shows times are subject to change.

Magic Kingdom Park 

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular – see schedulefor specific times & dates

  • Put this firework show on your must-see list! Wishes Nighttime Spectacular is the biggest, most beautiful fireworks show ever. Jiminy Cricket is the narrator through the show that is synched with brilliant music. The show can be seen throughout the park, but to see Tinker Bell fly to Cinderella’s Castle, I would recommend sitting on Main Street, USA or near the front of the park.

Main Street Electrical Parade – see schedule for specific times & dates

  • Floats, lights and pixie dust! This parade is full of sparkly floats and magical music that travels throughout the park. You can see all the seven dwarfs as they head off to work and a great salute to America. The best part? Tinker Bell leads the parade in a beautiful and magical float. Make sure you find a great seat to catch all the magic.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

Fantasmic! – 8:00 p.m. in October with two shows at 8 and 9:30 p.m. on Sundays

  • Fantasmic! is one of my favorite shows at Walt Disney World! Running about 25 minutes, this night show combines fireworks with a water show, tying classic Disney pals with exciting music.  Make sure you stop by Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see how Mickey overcomes the Evil Queen and other villains to save his dreams from their scary nightmares.


IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth – 9:00 p.m. every evening

  • Again, Disney combines the beauty and power of fireworks, water and lasers in the celebration the world and the diversity of all the nations. IllumniNations: Reflections of Earth runs about 15 minutes and is centered from the World Showcase Lagoon. How can you not feel chills as you celebrate the magic of our world? Grab some food from another country and be ready to stand in awe at this breathtaking nighttime spectacular.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade – 3:45 p.m.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom closes at 5 p.m. every day, so there isn’t a nighttime parade. However, the Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade is 15 minutes of high-energy fun. Moving throughout Africa, Discovery Island and Asia. Come feel the animals’ spirits in this colorful and musical parade. Also, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goody ride along in jeeps that fit their personality perfectly. Which one is your favorite?

a few Disney Princess tips for night shows:
Plan your day and arrive EARLY! The biggest thing I’ve found while living in Florida and going to see fireworks and parades is that the perfect spot makes the experience even better. Grab a delicious snack and snag your spot early.
– Sometimes people take 1000 photos! Don’t be afraid to put down your camera and enjoy the parade and magic!

What are your favorite memories and parades at Disney? Please share with me!

Always believe in the magic

Why blog?

When talking to friends this past week during dinner, the topic of blogging entered conversation. My roommate Ally and I both blog (visit her incredible blog here!) and we started making our case for why people should write.

Here is a quick list of our top seven reason on why everyone should keep a blog.

  1. Sharpens writing skills
  2. Increases discipline
  3. Gives you a place to share your feelings & thoughts
  4. Meet other people around with the same interest
  5. Stay connected with family and loved ones
  6. Records your memories and idea – great to reread months/years later
  7. Gives you a place to call your own

I truly believe there is no better form of therapy than taking a pen to paper or listening to the keys click on your keyboard. Blogging doesn’t need to be for others, it can start as a way to relax simply for yourself. Today’s world seems like it’s spinning out of control, and it’s easy to lose your voice.

Blogging can help relieve stress and put one’s thoughts in order. Sometimes I don’t know exactly how I feel about a topic until I’ve blogged about it. Plus, my family can make sure I’m alright by reading my recent posts 🙂

Another huge point in discipline. I try to blog two to three times a week – doesn’t matter about what, but blog about something important in my life, both professionally and personally. While I don’t hit my mark every week, it gives me a solid and obtainable goal. It’s sort of like going to the gym, you should have a weekly goal for yourself. Something you have to word towards, but something that is obtainable.

Blogging is like a muscle…the more you work at it, the stronger it becomes.

Finally, another reason I have come to love blogging is the people you come to “know”. I am very Disney, PR and event focused  (especially since this Disney Princess is living out here dream here in Florida!). Though my own posts and comments left by other bloggers I’ve entered an entire new community. All ages and backgrounds – these are the most incredible people I have ever known. The best thing is we help one another out and spread our messages to others.

Please feel free to send me your opinions about why you blog! Who do you follow and who do you love?

Here are my favorite blogs – personal and professional

Take a chance

It seems like with each passing day I need another list:

  • daily to-dos
  • work schedule
  • those whom I would like to reconnect
  • those whom I would like to meet
  • friends to call

That last one? It’s a big one. And as a member of the Disney College Program, one of the most exciting.

One reason I would encourage everyone to take-part of the Disney CP is due to EVERYTHING this company offers! Chances to attend workshops, presentations, alumni speakers, volunteer activities, welcome events and more (look, another list!).

I wanted to focus this post on the importance of stepping outside of one’s daily routine and taking advantage of events around you. It seems like SO many don’t fully read a newsletter or an email and miss news about upcoming social events.


You read that right! In my opinion, things are constantly overlooked because people skim over or completely ignore helpful communication. Take ten minutes and read, and I mean reallllyyy read, a newsletter. (Also, as a communication major, I know how much time and talent is poured into those things! Why not go ahead and give them a read?)

After you find out about these amazing opportunities, go ahead and sign-up for one! One a college campus, on this program or in a professional office setting, there are so many new things to learn and try.

Worse-case scenario?

You don’t love it. Oh well. You spent a couple of hours of your life meeting new people, learning about something new and maybe even got free food.

Sounds like a win.

I think college students and young graduates are sometimes afraid to put themselves outside of their routine. And that fear may keep them from experiencing opportunities or learning about something new.

While I may sound like my mom for a moment, this is my advice as a recent college-grad and a girl who took a chance and is living in Florida and fulfilling her dreams for six months, maybe longer.

Attend workshops. Go to welcome events. See a flier for a open-meeting, go. First meeting for a club tomorrow at 7 p.m. with free pizza – take your two best friends and try it out.

You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn.

We remember 10 years later

Tears in my eyes all day.

Truly, with how many American flags in front of stores, restaurants and on t-shirts, how could one not feel patriotic? I saw men and women wearing shirts proudly stating they were firefighters, police officers or part of the United States Armed Forces.

I watched footage from September 11, 2001 this morning and couldn’t stop the tears. Hearing the confusion, fear, anger and sadness of fellow Americans hits home for so many. Because we were there. We felt the same emotions. However, I was in Ohio and knew that my parents would be home for dinner that night – while others desperately tried to call their loved ones and confirm their safety.

I am so proud of my country for moving forward these past ten years.

I was to dedicate this post solely to the men, women and children that lost their loves ten years ago. Thank you to all firefighters, police officers and military service men and women, home and abroad for fighting our fight. 9/11/01 – 9/11/11


Walking around the Disney theme parks the other day, I couldn’t help but realize, everyone is smiling. Either a little boy meeting a character, a girl buying a princess dress, or a newly engaged couple wearing Mickey ears – people are smiling.

And why shouldn’t they? They’re surrounded by magic and happiness.

But I think that is something in life so many people forget – be happy. Living in Florida and moving away from my family has shown me that people MAKE their own happiness. Putting yourself in a different situation with new people requires you to put your walls down. Your allowed to miss home and the people who make up your foundation (personally, my family and Ohio friends).

This week marks three weeks into my new adventure, and I’ve never had more fun. And I give credit to the amazing people around me.

It’s been different living with five other girls and creating friendships – but I grow each day from this adventure. I’ve become extremely close to a handful of girls down here, and we are constantly dragging each other to the parks and hanging out together after work.

Simple happiness.

Planning a movie night after work or heading to a park to catch a parade create memories – and build friendships. I can’t imagine my life without Ally and Christina. We keep each other smiling through good days and bad.

Another perk of this new friendship? Hearing about lives outside of Ohio. I now know about the Indiana University Marching Hundred and the ways of Alabama War Eagles. We sing our fight songs during football games and head for ice cream when we need a pick-me-up.

If I never would have taken a chance and applied for this program I never would have met theses girls. Three states, three colleges, one friendship. Sounds a little corny (which it is), but I give all the credit to the mouse.

Gotta love this happiness.