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Why blog?

When talking to friends this past week during dinner, the topic of blogging entered conversation. My roommate Ally and I both blog (visit her incredible blog here!) and we started making our case for why people should write.

Here is a quick list of our top seven reason on why everyone should keep a blog.

  1. Sharpens writing skills
  2. Increases discipline
  3. Gives you a place to share your feelings & thoughts
  4. Meet other people around with the same interest
  5. Stay connected with family and loved ones
  6. Records your memories and idea – great to reread months/years later
  7. Gives you a place to call your own

I truly believe there is no better form of therapy than taking a pen to paper or listening to the keys click on your keyboard. Blogging doesn’t need to be for others, it can start as a way to relax simply for yourself. Today’s world seems like it’s spinning out of control, and it’s easy to lose your voice.

Blogging can help relieve stress and put one’s thoughts in order. Sometimes I don’t know exactly how I feel about a topic until I’ve blogged about it. Plus, my family can make sure I’m alright by reading my recent posts 🙂

Another huge point in discipline. I try to blog two to three times a week – doesn’t matter about what, but blog about something important in my life, both professionally and personally. While I don’t hit my mark every week, it gives me a solid and obtainable goal. It’s sort of like going to the gym, you should have a weekly goal for yourself. Something you have to word towards, but something that is obtainable.

Blogging is like a muscle…the more you work at it, the stronger it becomes.

Finally, another reason I have come to love blogging is the people you come to “know”. I am very Disney, PR and event focused  (especially since this Disney Princess is living out here dream here in Florida!). Though my own posts and comments left by other bloggers I’ve entered an entire new community. All ages and backgrounds – these are the most incredible people I have ever known. The best thing is we help one another out and spread our messages to others.

Please feel free to send me your opinions about why you blog! Who do you follow and who do you love?

Here are my favorite blogs – personal and professional


personal goals on Twitter

One of my favorite blogs is nycprgirls, written by three lovely PR ladies living in New York. They have killer fashion and great PR advice – an unbeatable combination in my opinion!

While catching up on their posts I found one talking about Twitter chats and ways to get involved. These weekly/monthly conversations allow you to hear other ideas and connect with fantastic people across the world.

Another reason I love participating in these chats is the support it gives to your social media presence. Even better, it helps young PR pros (like myself) to learn about new ideas in certain fields and tweet about topics related to our field.

They also help with blog and social media goals. Even though I am still figuring out the blogging world and my writing style, it is great to have weekly and monthly objectives. Like Nate Riggs (one of my favorite mentors) said, you need to think about outcomes rather than goals as a personal blogger.

Personally, I try to blog three times a week and take part in one chat a week. This way I keep my social media presence strong, and even better, consistent.

Here are the chats the ncyprgirls listed – enjoy!

Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST
A weekly conversation about public relations 2.0 and where PR is heading

Wednesday at 11 a.m. EST
A weekly chat about personal and corporate branding

Thursday at 8 p.m. EST
A community and chat for ambitious PR professionals under 30.

Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST
A weekly chat between generations X, Y, and Baby Boomers

Monthly at 8:30 p.m. EST
A conversation between public relations students, educators and professionals.